Kinder Chocolate On Pack 3D Puzzle Promo..

Kinder, a brand owned by Ferrero has been very active in their promotions worldwide. Click here to see other interesting promos that was carried out during Christmas!

Our ODM staff recently spotted this On Pack Promo in Hong Kong. This Christmas Pack comes with a 3D puzzle, just the right promotional gift for children!

Kinder Chocolate On Pack Promo...

Puzzles can be customized in terms of shapes, designs and makes great promotional item for On Pack Packaging. Targeting at the right group of customers, this promotional product will drive sales.

A fun and interesting promo that fascinates kids! The puzzle can be displayed after piecing it up, and we just love the branding on it. There is so much room for your logo, be it the items or the base. Perfect marketing and advertising tool for your business!

However, we thought this promo could be better if there were different varieties and designs of puzzles. This allows customers to purchase more so as to get a complete set!

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