Kinder has been spotted using a branded box set in stores in Spain. This was done to gain attention of customers as well as to encourage sales via selling their main delicious goodies together.

What a great opportunity to keep this box set in different places throughout the day! Ever got stressed out at the office and started craving for something sweet? Just pop out your Kinder box set and you are sorted.

Below we can see an image of the branded box set used by Kinder recently:

Branded box set by Kinder in Spain

Branded box set by Kinder in Spain

How does this branded box set encourage customers purchase this set?

The fact that Kinder has already included a variety of its chocolate goodies in the same set means that the customer can even use this as a gift. This kind of gift would really encourage purchases for special occasions, such as the Children’s day in China.

The branded box set is on sale in all big stores for the price of € 19.99 per set. However, the marketing aspect of this kind of gift will definitely raise its perceived value.

The branded box set that Kinder has used in this occasion is made out an inexpensive plastic (PP), which is light and makes a fantastic branding opportunity.

There are a variety of options when it comes to the kind of logos that can be added. If you’re looking for the cheapest option, a sticker logo would be ideal, as the setup fees involved are low. If looking for a higher-end finish, why not laser engrave or emboss your logo?

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