In this post we would like to share with you some ideas about the counter top POS. Being the most important part of the marketing campaign, it can attract a lot of customer’s attention and boost your sales. In one of the small local shops in China we spotted a good variety of counter top POS stands.

Counter top POS - plastic, metal, cardboard

Counter top POS – plastic, metal, cardboard

On the picture you can see that all three POS stands are made of different materials – plastic, metal and cardboard.

How these counter top POS will help you to gain the visibility of your product?

POS stands are used in order to gain more attention of the consumers who just pass-by. One of the popular types of the point of sale is the counter top POS. These POS saves a lot of space and can be placed next to the counter. It makes it perfect for the small stores with lack of space for the large POS.

A great plus of POS-materials is that they are not perceived as advertising sources. They have higher level of the customer’s trust. The counter top POS can convey more information about the product, its quality, features and benefits. Thus, using the counter top POS together with the other ways of advertising is the most effective tool in marketing.

POS has a large space for customization. Match the panton colours of your company, print your logo and create a bright design to make the customers stop when they are passing-by. This counter top POS by Schweppes’ Lemon-Flavoured Sparkling Water for does a great job at using eye-catching colors to capture attention.

Counter top POS - cardboard

Counter top POS – cardboard

The design of such products has its own specifics. It should be as attractive as possible in order to distract the buyer from competitors’ products and make them to buy the product of your company just there and at that moment. This counter top POS display for Minute Maid is arranged in order of flavors. The neatly arranged colors add a visually pleasant appearance to the product.

Metal counter top POS

Metal counter top POS

Choosing the best counter top POS for your marketing campaign you should start with defining the goals of the promotion and budget for the campaign in general. The big variety of materials can allow you to match your budget and the style that you are looking for.

The cardboard POS can become a low-cost option. However it is easy to customize the shape and make a bright full colour print. Metal and acrylic look more high end and are also more durable. These top counter POS will work for you for a long time. This is an example of an effective counter POS display by Wrigley’s Doublemint. The use of Wrigley’s Doublemint trademark bright color reinforces the brand’s name among customers.

Plastic counter top POS

Plastic counter top POS