Delheim’s bottles of rosé currently come with a beautiful on pack bottle necker which is made with a pink ribbon. This ingenious wine packaging is enhancing Delheim’s marketing strategy. It will make the client smile, and will have plenty of other benefits. Let’s see why in this article.

How to make a difference?

How to boost your sales With An On pack Bottle necker

How to boost your sales With An On pack Bottle necker

Delheim is a wine company that sells bottles of rosé that you can find in supermarkets. Especially in the wine sector, competition can be tough. Indeed, companies propose a large variety of choices of bottles of wine. Consequently, the client can be overwhelmed by the number of offers available. For such a product, it can be hard to make a difference on the racks. A personalized promotional product can be the way to do that.

With creative on pack promotions, Delheim is making sure that they make an impact on the client’s choice.

  • Eye-catching: This pink promotional ribbon is very eye-catching. It could even convince a client that had no intention of buying your product to buy it.
  • Aesthetic: Pink is a joyful color, it is appealing and fun. It’s a reminder of the fun you will get when you drink the bottle with your friends.
  • Impulsive buying: many studies show that a great part of all purchase decisions is influenced in the store. This on pack bottle necker in enhancing your chances for the customer to choose your product.
  • Added value: The ribbon is also a reminder to a party or a special occasion. It will make your bottle of wine fit perfectly in the event where you were planning to bring it. It could also make the client’s wife extra happy for the dinner. In conclusion, it makes your bottle more interesting than the other bottles.

See another example of a company that choose to use a special promotional product packaging here. See the blog about drinks packaging, to see the different design, forms or color possible.


The direct and indirect effects of the on pack bottle necker:

  • Boost your sales by making your product stand up from the other, and induced customer incentive.
  • Cost effective: stay in your marketing budget, with a promotional item that is low cost to produce
  • Increase the awareness: The client will know your brand’s name
  • Loyalty: After their impulsive buying they could become loyal and buy again from your brand because they already know your name.
  • Help to spread a good image of your product and, therefore, of your brand.
How to boost your sales With An On pack Bottle necker

How to boost your sales With An On pack Bottle necker

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