While walking in the beauty department, our team spotted a simple yet eye-catching cosmetic on-pack promo, with a free drawstring bag. This promotional pack comes in a set of two products from a Japanese cosmetics brand. In each purchase of the set, customers will get a drawstring bag for free.

The cosmetics industry in Japan is very advanced and the number of cosmetic companies operating in Japan are increasing tremendously. Due to this increase they always find ways to stand out amongst competitors. Giving away promotional products is one effective method. Moreover, numerous on-pack promos in Japan exist to differentiate customer experience.

Cosmetic On Pack Promo in Japan

Drawstring bag – Cosmetic On Pack Promo in Japan

How is a Drawstring Bag an effective promotional gift?

  • Appealing:  This simple item looks nice and is also practical to use. Customers could choose to use it for keeping the product in or for anything else.
  • Increase your sales:  Providing a free gift is very enticing to consumers as they are getting two products for the price of one. Therefore, encouraging them to buy more and leading to increased sales.
  • Attract more customers: Adding a simple free item in the products you offer is an efficient way to catch customers’ attention. In addition, they may be interested in what other products you have to offer.
  • Custom drawstring bag:  You can easily customise it depending on the design that represents your brand. Adding your company logo will guarantee increased brand awareness.


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