We can say that recently the competition among cosmetic brands had reached the peak. It’s hard to imagine how big this market is. Besides, due to globalization we can see a lot of new brands on the shelves in supermarkets. Customers spend a lot of time trying to choose the right product. That’s why all cosmetic producing companies puzzle over the ways how to engage customers to buy their product. There are many ways for promotion, but we would like to show one of the most effective promotional approaches on the example of Batiste . This summer Batiste offers custom cosmetics bag as a gift with purchase!

Marketing Idea by Batiste – Custom Cosmetics Bag

Marketing Idea by Batiste – Custom Cosmetics Bag

By offering good quality product Batiste also would like to encourage their regular customers and attract potential customers. Everyone can participate in this promo campaign, and all what they need is just to buy Batiste Dry Shampoo and Batiste Dry Styling.

Why is this custom cosmetics bag effective for product promotion?

  • Additional customers. A gift with purchase concept is the most successful idea to motivate customers to try your product for the first time. In this situation customers of Batiste understand that they will get this marketing gift immediately after the purchase.
  • Increase your sales. Free gifts can always motivate customers to make a choice in your favour. Usually customers enjoy the fact they get something for free. In this case they can spend more money than it was initially planned. In order to get this promo bag customers need to purchase two products of Batiste, so this can engage them to buy one more item.
  • Good promotional product. With this promotional bag customers will have constant reminder of this brand. Besides custom cosmetics bag is needed accessory item for every woman. Therefore by offering this giveaway your brand will receive a free word of mouth advertising. Custom cosmetics bag is also a great promotional idea to store exact product of Batiste. No need to fill up all the bathroom shelves anymore.

Here at the ODM Group we have a huge experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing. If you have already planned your new marketing budget we will be happy to assist you in your next promotional campaign. Please feel free to contact us today to get more information about latest promotional trends.

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