Euro 2016 has just finished, but our hunting to promos and marketing ideas still goes on. While relaxing with a cold drink we noticed this unique colourful football t-shirt shaped inflatable balloons used for the Euro 2016 – football marketing.

These inflatable t-shirts and the football themed decorations hanging from the ceiling really catch the eyes of the clients and passers-by. It not usual to see sport advertised in such a funny and original way that get adults curious and attracts children as well.

Football Marketing - Euro 2016 Advertising in Pubs

Football Marketing – Euro 2016 Advertising in Pubs

At the first row we can see an alternation of vivid inflatable shirts branded Carlsberg, which means, extra value. Carlsberg brand worked as sponsor for the European games. And it was a highly recommended promo collaboration as both gain different benefits from this football marketing. In this particular case, Carlsberg obtain an important exposure. At the same time it is advertised that the pub is going to display the matches of the tournament. Firstly it reminds people of the Euro 2016 and consequently opens the opportunities to people to follow it and creates the need to have a nice evening between friends. Probably drinking a beer ordered looking at ceiling.

We were able to raise awareness, we teased their curiosity and interest, created a desire and made them take action. This is all you need for a successful advertising campaign. Pay more attention in the next big event, you will be delighted to discover that pubs are full and people of any kind talking about football.

What would you learn from this football marketing campaign?

  • Advertising: These advertising items are probably given for free from the drinks suppliers. That is why you are hundred percent sure that your marketing campaign is going to be applied and therefore get exposed.
  • Sponsorship marketing: The promo collaboration with a drinks company is strategic to introduce your marketing subject into pubs. Locals are ideal places as they are very popular and directly correlated as the venue for watching sport events.
  • Practicality: they are hanging from the ceiling. So they are not bulky or in the way anyhow, but people still can see them clearly from far away or when seated. Also once deflated they occupy even less space.

If you are interested in this football marketing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with our quality sourcing, designing and manufacturing services necessary to help you in your next promotional campaign.

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