When you enter a pub or any other local, the first impression is given by the decor and with these promo idea for pubs you’ll be sure to leave an impression. These bottle cap signs are ideal as both decorative and advertising agents.

When cities are already full of pubs, it is important to create a pleasant environment and good quality service in order to attract more customers and gain their loyalty. People have their favourite restaurant, bakery or pub. They link a certain place to a certain idea and that is why the type of atmosphere you built is so significant.

Most of the time that people are asked what they are looking for in a pub, the top answer  is “atmosphere” , which surpasses food, drinks or anything else. Those low ceilings, stone floor and wood furniture that give a stylish and old like feeling is what the public normally expects.

Promo Idea for Pubs – Beer Bottle Cap Sign

Promo Idea for Pubs – Beer Bottle Cap Sign

This bottle cap sign is just perfect as a promo idea for pubs. ]It is a metal made display in a shape of a giant bottle cap. They are hung on the wall through a simple rope and nail, on the front instead is well visible a printed full-colour custom illustration.

Why should you be interested in such a promo idea for pubs?

  • Customizability: This promo idea for pubs have an extremely large area for branding and it is totally customizable. The materials can be metal,  tin, aluminium with a custom illustration or branding using different techniques. It’s “as client’s requirement” proof.
  • Brand exposure: Consider that the branding are is highly visible and the fact that these signs can be used in several public places, not only pubs, but restaurants, bars as well. Adding the quality of having a large branding area, this is also highly visible.
  • Marketing: Opting for another strategy, you may want to exploit the branding area for advertising a product or promotion. This is also a great marketing campaign as it will lead the customer to impulsive decision. An image, more information or a catchy quote will make the difference.

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