Are you looking for something original and different from the classical bottle openers or steins? Have a look at this beer promo idea, this barrel shape dispenser is going to make your customers wanting to enjoy that beer.

Indeed if you work in this field you should know that beer is probably the most widely consumed and oldest alcoholic drink in the world. Its popularity also places third, only after water and tea. What does it mean? Large market for beer industry but at the same time high competitiveness. Hence we would like to provide you with ideas necessary to stand out from the crowd with innovative and unique products like this beer promo idea.

Custom Barrel Shape Dispenser – Beer Promo Idea

Custom Barrel Shape Dispenser – Beer Promo Idea

This custom barrel shape dispenser or also called barrel beer tower is an electric cooler made in ABS (thermoplastic resin). It comes with an high-end design in the shape of a light brown barrel with a basic structure and two metal strings.

The beer promo idea shown here above is able to chill two different types of beer at the same time as suggested from the two taps. The pedestal on the other hand, includes a grill to avoid the drink to spill all around.

Custom Barrel Shape Dispenser – Beer Promo Idea

Custom Barrel Shape Dispenser – Beer Promo Idea

Technical details of this particular model state a capacity till 6L with a compressor cooling system able to cool 15L beer to 10°C in an hour. Moreover, along with each of them  is offered a pump, handle and adaptor for the cooler.

Other options are available with single taps or different colours. Regarding the customization, large branding area and we are anytime open to requirements or further personalization.

Why is this a good beer promo idea?

  • Increased perceived value: The beer promo idea doesn’t look like a cheap and common promo item, but as a well-built and quality item that will increase the perceived value of your customers. The barrel is perceived as an exclusive beer tower that add an extra worth to having a drink. That is the consumers will get a perfect temperature beer with a cool barrel dispenser.
  • Customer retention: Unless you distinguish yourself for the beer itself only, it is a good idea to aim to offer something characteristic that make people curious and give them a reason to choose your brand against another. This beer promo idea could be that peculiarity for which people are willing to order your beer and keep doing it.
  • Advertising: The barrel has a very large area for branding but also advertising or custom designs. Ideal to be displayed in restaurants, pubs, at events and so on. Moreover, if you make sure the barrel to be used exclusively with your beer brand, people will pay more attention to your compan and if they like the idea they will spread the word, of you offering a perfect combination of beer and peculiar barrel shape cooler dispenser.

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