Do you want to spruce up your bar or restaurant? Do you want your brand to be noticed in venues such as trade shows, corporate parties, and bars? Look no further! This custom beer tap handle is different from the usual generic dispensers and could help push your brand front and center. Furthermore, when choosing what to drink, tap handles are the first thing a customer notices.

Take a look at this unique and interesting looking beer tap from Estrella Galicia, which is a premium brand of Spanish pale lager beer.

Custom Beer Tap Handle

Custom Beer Tap Handle by Estrella Galicia Commands Attention

If you work in this field, you should not be a stranger to the fact that beer is probably the most widely consumed and oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. Thus, using a custom product dispenser is a great way to gain a competitive advantage and attract more customers.

Custom Beer Tap Handle

Custom Beer Tap Handle by Estrella Galicia Commands Attention

The design and colors of the beer tap can be customized to suit your brand.

Why is this a good beer promotion idea?

It is without a doubt that the custom beer tap handle is a great tool in your marketing campaign that you can use for any drinks promotion. Here are some of the advantages that you can expect when you use this custom promotional product:

  • Eye-catching: The quirky and funky looking design of the dispenser is sure to catch the attention of customers.  This helps to create brand recognition and positive association with the brand.
  • Enhanced perceived brand value: The beer promo idea looks like a quality product that will increase the perceived brand value of your brand. Customers can enjoy their beer with this cool looking dispenser!
  • Customizable: You can customize your beer tap however you want, to suit your needs. Use this as an opportunity to come up with some creative custom designs! Alternatively, you can include branding and advertising on the surface of the dispenser. This will increase your brand awareness and visibility and make you more distinguishable to others.
  • Entices Customers: With this unique beer tap, customers will be sure to remember your products as enjoyable and fun. They may also then spread the word about their pleasant experience to their friends and the people around them. Thus, you can attract more customers through word of mouth.
  • Increases Brand Visibility: Placing your brand name on your beer tap helps to promote your brand and improve brand awareness. This is what Estrella Galicia did for its beer tap as shown below. This also helps to position your brand in the minds of customers.

Custom Beer Tap Handle

Custom Beer Tap Handle by Estrella Galicia Commands Attention

Why Ceramic?

Ceramic tap handles are durable and the design can be as simple or as bespoke as you want. Not only will your custom tap handles stand out and reflect your brand image, they will also withstand wear and tear. Ceramic tap handles look aesthetically pleasing and are easy to customize as compared to materials such as plastic.


Beer-related promotional products are a great way to enhance your bar or restaurant’s character. With the industry being so saturated, don’t you think that a custom beer tap will be a good investment? Illustrating the character of your drinks through an eye-catching beer tap will definitely entice new customers and allow regular customers to identify and recall your brand.

We Can Help…

Looking to create your very own custom beer taps as well? You’re in luck! Feel free to get in touch with ODM Group to find out how our team can help you. At ODM, we have a dedicated team of designers who will be able to bring your design to life. In addition, we have many years of experience in designing, sourcing and manufacturing custom promotional products. So, what are you waiting for? Drop us an inquiry today!


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