Custom neon signage has been part of the marketing game for quite a while. This has been one of the hippest retail sign ideas in the market today. We know that marketing a brand is a tough job. Hence, we need best and outstanding marketing ideas for a brand to fully take off. Certainly, these custom neon signs might be the item that your brand needs.

Custom Neon Signage

Our team spots an incredibly looking neon sign at a new bar in Asia. Crowds flock to this bar and it seems that the custom sign attracts the most attention. People were taking photos alongside with the custom neon signage that are installed in the bar.

For years, neon signages possess this unique yet alluring vibe. It certainly brings a lot of nostalgic and cool aura. This is pretty good as it leaves a good impression on your establishment. Neon Signs appeal to everyone that sees it. The bright colours capture the attention of the crowd.

Custom Neon Signage Draws Attention To A Bar in Asia

Custom Neon Signage Draws Attention To A Bar in Asia

Why do we love a Custom Neon Signage?

  • Eye-Catching – As mentioned, these bright hues easily grab the attention of people. This glowing art is no longer limited for movie marketing or casinos. Marketing experts have been using this unbeatable form of advertisement on almost every establishment. Frankly, a well – place neon sign could work wonders.
  • Nostalgic – Yes, this technique has been around for a while. In fact, it was widely used on a lot of shops between the 1940s – 1960s. Neon signs bring quite an impact on people who see it. It just proves that neon signs are effective since they have been used for several decades now.

But if you are confused between marketing LED display and custom neon signage, check out the comprehensive comparison between the two good materials for marketing.

A Custom Neon Signage may not cost as much as you think.  Here at ODM, our team of experts will work on your marketing budget. Therefore, giving you the most reasonable quote for your custom neon sign. Contact us now!


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