Unique signages effectively improve the marketing strategy of any brand. These astounding signages are extremely popular amongst the crowd. Everyone loves to take photos and post it on social media which is pretty beneficial to the brand. Therefore, this bulb signage from Corona is a very good advertising item.


Bulb Signage for Marketing

The bulbs create a yellow warm glow which makes the sign more attractive. The metal sign can be sprayed with any colour. Corona uses the standard silver; helps contrast the bright yellow colour from the bulb. Also, the famous beer brand adds back panels to hide any visible wiring for a seamless and clean look.

Why Corona's Bulb Signage Never Fails to Spark Interest

Why Corona’s Bulb Signage Never Fails to Spark Interest

Why do we love this sign from Corona?

  • Catches Attention – This sign was placed on the far end side of the room, yet our team easily spotted the signage. The sign is conspicuous and the brand can be clearly seen from afar. Also, we have this big bulb signage from Big Bad Wolf which seems like a good retail sign idea.
  • Customizable – Bulb signages are incredibly versatile. Brands have the freedom to be creative and customize the size, colour, material, etc. In Corona’s case, they’ve replicated their logo which turned out to be quite impressive.
Why Corona's Bulb Signage Never Fails to Spark Interest

Why Corona’s Bulb Signage Never Fails to Spark Interest

Overall, this great promotional tool brings a lot of marketing rewards for Corona. The signage serves its purpose really well. It attracts the attention of most club – goers, diners, guests, etc. which is one of the goals for the brand. This is definitely ideal for bar promotions and venue marketing.

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