Here is a great idea for drinks and food companies a like. Whether it’s for the coming summer or the past winter serving trays at bars and pubs are always used. So why not use these great products as bar promotions whilst customers receive their drinks.

Particularly in summer with the hot whether many people prefer to sit outside while they drink and bask in the glorious rays. This means that the majority of custom is served outside and while their is a few bar promotions inside, such as the branded beer taps for example, there becomes less and less the further away from the establishment you sit. Therefore a serving tray is the perfect promotional product as it offers not used regularly to transport drinks but it is the main point of contact with the customer while they enjoy the sun.

Serving Trays for Bar Promotions and Summer Events

Serving Trays for Bar Promotions and Summer Events

These serving trays would be great for bars, clubs and pubs themselves such as: Wetherspoons and Yates’s. As well as this, beer and food companies can use these branded serving trays to promote their products that are being served at the establishment. Some examples could be – Carlsberg, Coca Cola or even Kettle crisps.

It doesn’t just have to be used for bar promotions, restaurants such as… can use it as well to promote their company, its special offers and even what they are serving. Companies Like Nandos and pizza hut may find this an interesting method to promote their establishment and products.

How This Serving Tray Can Be Developed for Bar Promotions

  • Flexible and easily customisable – Being a simple tray this is perfect for bar promotions. Having a large area for multiple different branding, be it the bar itself or food and drink companies, it can market a variety of industries – even at the same time. It also can be in a range of colours to stand out during the summer crowds or made to fit your companies colour scheme.
  •  Summer Events – such as the 2016 Olympics in Brazil coming up, bars and establishments that offer viewing of this will be busy. Therefore this means numbers of people being served will be a lot more than regular increasing the amount of customer interaction.  It may even be usable at  as music festival tents and outdoor events where products are being served. The serving tray will certainly set your brand apart!
  •  Brand Exposure – With it being used in bars, restaurants and outdoor events, the serving tray is usually the first point of contact with the customer; bringing them their order and serving it to them. With this in mind it therefore is the major promotional contact with them. If the serving tray is branded or even just colour scheme associated then the level of interaction with them and your company will increase massively.
Serving Trays for Bar Promotions and Summer Events

Serving Trays for Bar Promotions and Summer Events

ODM think this is perfect for bar promotions when summer will increase the time spent eating and drinking outside. Feel free to contact us to learn more about creating marketing products which you can include in your strategy. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world so why not discuss a quote today.

If you are interested in this product in particular, when speaking to our sales staff quote the product code ODM – 1116 for more information on a promo serving tray.

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