Are you running out of promotional product ideas? If you are looking for something that is cost-effective, practical, and flexible (in terms of design and application) then custom ceramic coasters might be what you need!

Custom promotional coasters offer simple yet effective advertising solutions to businesses. Ideal for promoting hot and cold beverages as well as alcoholic drinks, coasters are suitable for any business sizes. They can also be made into a variety of fun shapes so that they also add beauty to your tables. Here are some of them:


1. Animals

The owl-shape one is definitely fun to look at. But aside from owl, you can also play with other cute designs such as cats and dogs. Out-of-the-box thinking is crucial when it comes to designing an attention-grabbing drink coaster.

Custom Ceramic Coasters

Custom Ceramic Coasters

2. Starfish with Textured Surface

We absolutely love the starfish-shape ones! If you take a closer look, the coasters have small bumps on the surface which is cool because they add a unique texture. Moreover, the bumps add traction to the surface.


3. Colorful Cinco de Mayo Masks

Vibrant and fun to look at, these coasters in the shape of Cinco de Mayo masks are Insta-worthy! These are perfect for when you are going for a Mexican set up in your pub. If you want to spice up your on-pack promotions, these colorful coasters can be offered as a gift set together with beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Custom Ceramic Coasters

Custom Ceramic Coasters

4. Simple Square and Heart Shapes

We particularly like these square and heart-shape coasters. Imprints are also cute and dainty, they would make a great statement for Valentine’s Day and Mothers’ Day celebration.

5. Bottle Caps

Made in the shape of bottle caps, these coasters are ideal for marketing beer, bar, and restaurants. we love the cool colors as they give off a summer vibe, making them ideal for summer beer promos.

Custom Ceramic Coasters

Custom Ceramic Coasters

6. Dainty and Cute Designs

Simple designs make a great impact. We certainly love the dainty designs here. The one featuring donuts would be perfect for pastry and coffee shops.


7. Vintage

As many alcoholic beverages are aged for years, vintage designs are suitable for the coasters. We also suggest using your brand name with vintage-like colors to add aesthetic appeal to the coasters.

Custom Ceramic Coasters

Custom Ceramic Coasters

8. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving also means lots of food and drinks on the table. As such,  you will need something to keep your precious table from stains. Made from ceramics, it does not absorb fluids or become damaged after several uses. The above example features Thanksgiving-inspires designs but you can also create designs around other festivities such as Christmas, Halloween, and even quirky events such as St. Patrick’s Day to create a festive atmosphere.


Drink coasters provide marketing managers with a unique way to promote your brand. They can be made into various shapes and sizes, providing businesses with an opportunity to make impactful promotional messages. But how?


How Custom Ceramic Coasters Boost Your Exposure

Promote Events

Coasters are also a unique way to promote upcoming events. If you think subtle branding is not powerful enough to cut through the noise then you are wrong. Customers are in a relaxed state when they drink with friends, as such, their guards are down and are more receptive to your marketing message.

It also encourages customers to return to your store in the future because the branded coasters create something they can look forward to.


Promote Advocacy

Novelty and practicality are critical advantages of custom ceramic coasters. Fun and meaningful designs will surely help to get customers interested in your advocacy. You can print this year’s theme or make designs that relate to your social cause to make an impact. In essence, they make brilliant information dissemination tools to create awareness on important social and environmental issues.


Inprove Online Presence

Coasters also make great POS displays. To make it interactive, you can also print your website and other social media sites for customers to check before they leave your shop. If you have a particular hashtag for a certain event, season, or campaign, printing them on the coasters is a great way to increase your online engagement.


Keeps Message Fresh

Coasters, like pens and promotional water bottles, can be made in different custom colors, shapes, and sizes. As such, they keep your message fresh and engaging.


Creative Designs Turn Heads

As seen from the above examples, custom ceramic coasters allow brand managers to be creative with their branding. The more unique and edgy the designs and messaging, the more they become valuable in the eyes of your customers.


Extends Visibility

When offered as a gift with purchase or on-pack promotional items, coasters effectively extend your brand visibility at home and wherever the coasters might be used. Moreover, people will surely use and keep them because of their practical value.


So, do you see your brand being advertised on custom ceramic coasters? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with ODM. We work with Mindsparkz, our in-house design team, to come up with the best and most effective promotional product design for your business. If you like these coasters, send us an inquiry and quote product code ODM-2552. We will be more than happy to walk you through the creative processes involved in the creation of promotional coasters and other promotional products you might be interested in.

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