Beverage coasters not only keep your tables free of stains, but they also make a great advertising billboard for drink companies. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials that is why we love them. Designs can be simple with just your logo printed on it or cute and quirky like these custom funny face coasters!

Custom Funny Face Coasters

Custom Funny Face Coasters

Are you looking to add fun to your drinks promotion? Then these custom drink coasters are just the perfect way to make your brand stand out! Here’s why:


Custom Funny Face Coasters: How to Make Your Promotions Fun

Add Fun: The funny faces are the selling point of these coasters. The paper coasters can be attached to your nose to give the lower half of your face a funny look. There are so many fun designs to choose from so you can be sure that there is a coaster for just about everyone in the room!

Customize: These custom promotional coasters can be made into whatever designs you like. What we like about these coasters is that you have the choice to use your mascot as your main design. You can even make themed character coasters for special events.


Custom Funny Face Coasters

Custom Funny Face Coasters

Start Conversations: Trade shows are a great venue to showcase your products. However, with so many beautiful and interesting products, it can be very difficult to engage customers. Why not use these quirky branded coasters to encourage them to try your products? Injecting humor to your promotion no only makes people laugh, but they also have a relaxing effect on your target market. When people are having fun, they are more receptive to your marketing message. Customers will feel that you are not forcing them to buy.

Save More without Sacrificing Quality: Made from cardboard, it requires very little to manufacture such this bar promotional item. As the coasters can be used for years, the benefits far outweigh the initial cost of manufacturing these bar accessories.

Custom Funny Face Coasters

Custom Funny Face Coasters

Think About Flexibility: Although they complement alcoholic drinks, you can also use them when serving soda, coffee, or tea to your guests at home. Beverage companies should also offer them as a gift with purchase or on-pack offer to incentivize their customers.

Excellent Customer Giveaway: Small and handy, these coasters also make great giveaways for marketing events such as music fests, seminars, and trade shows. Coasters will certainly find utility in the hands of your target audience.

Advertise!: You have two sides to play with. One side can be printed with funny faces, while the other side can be used to promote your brand or announce activities related to your brand campaign.

Tap Social Media: Nowadays, people are constantly checking on their social media for updates from their friends and even brands they follow. Tap the power of social media by encouraging customers to take a selfie with your coasters attached to their faces. This does two things: boost your online presence, and secondly, inspire word-of-mouth marketing. People will be curious about your company instantly!


Our Takeaways…

Humor is a great way to make your brand stand out. As the saying goes, “happiness is contagious.” What better way to literally put a smile on your customers face than these funny face coasters? As people are drawn to beautiful and funny faces, these coasters will surely delight your customers in more ways than one. When customers are happy and satisfied, your brand will remain on top of their minds.

So, would these custom funny face coasters help you promote your company? Then contact our team and quote product code ODM-2703. Our in-house designers at Mindsparkz will help you come up with fun and quirky designs that customers will love. If you have a design in mind, let us know how we can help you realize your ideas.

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