Good news! Swan, a UK-based kitchenware company is “cooking up” some awesome customer rewards promotion for its members. Check out their redemption giveaways!

Redemption Giveaways

Redemption Giveaways

In partnership with MoneyBack, customers will earn points whenever they go shopping. Money Back is an app that allows customers to save points, which they can turn into vouchers or gift checks, and other perks.

Members who purchase $60 worth of products will earn 1 e-stamp. On the other hand, a purchase worth at least $360 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) will get double e-stamps.

E-stamp issuance started on January 1, 2020, and product redemption lasted until February 6, 2020.

This one was spotted at another store location. The poster says, “British Heritage! Easy Cooking” to encourage customers to buy more and gain higher points.

Redemption Giveaways

Redemption Giveaways

We love this marketing scheme because it incentivizes customers. Members will be more inclined to purchase because they know they get more from their money. Furthermore, the collected points can be used to redeem any of Swan’s featured kitchen products. Items for redemption include vintage-style pot, rice cooker, oven toaster, and pans.

Redemption Giveaways

Redemption Giveaways


Why this Redemption Giveaways Promo Works?

Loyalty: Customers are more likely to support and spend money on brands that offer free items, more so if they are practical and useful like these pieces of kitchenware. But how does it inspire loyalty? When customers receive high-quality redemption giveaways, they will come to exe they come to associate the brand with high-end gifts over time.

Practical: Who does not like to get free high-quality cookware and kitchenware? All customers need to do is to collect points whenever they go shopping.

Improved Brand Perception: The redemption giveaways are from a known brand, so customers can be sure of the quality of the gifts they will receive.

Increased Sales: Offering rewards through the point system is a clever way to increase sales. This is because shoppers are encouraged to add more items to their shopping carts just to earn points. As a result, customers will always consider buying from that shop because they know they could get exciting marketing gifts in return.


Here are Other Interesting Marketing Ideas from this Campaign

POS Display– We noticed that their POS display effectively conveyed their message clearly to its customers. They eve incorporated QR codes so that shoppers will just have to scan the code from the display to download the MoneyBack app and start earning points. They also offered brochures to give customers more information about the brand.

Redemption Giveaways

Redemption Giveaways


Acrylic POP Counter Display– This counter display is spotted in another location. By using a countertop display, the company was able to advertise its ongoing promotions in every corner of the store.

Redemption Giveaways

Redemption Giveaways


What We Learned From this Campaign

Redemption giveaways are a surefire way to gain people’s trust, increase sales, and strengthen loyalty. It is always fun to collect points and turn those points into rewards or exciting perks. In this example, the redemption program was even made easier by partnering with an online app like MoneyBack.

You, too, can be successful in your redemption giveaway programs. Offer gifts that target a broad range of customers instead of specific groups of people. This way, more people will be interested in your promotions. In addition, make sure that the mechanics are clear and easy to follow. Customers might lose interest if the mechanics are too complicated, leaving you with unsold pieces.


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