Sushi Train is an Australia-based sushi restaurant founded in 1994. Since it’s inception it has grown into a nationwide chain, which also recently opened up two restaurants in New Zeeland. As part of their marketing campaign the company has launched a VIP points system. It works by giving customers points whenever they spend money in one of the restaurants. These points can then be spent on different types of redemption gifts – including an iphone case, a usb drive, and a mug.

redemption gifts

Sushi Train using redemption gifts to inrease customer loyalty

How can redemption gifts increase customer loyalty?

There are many ways in which loyalty programs such as this can increase customer loyalty. By gaining points for every purchase – the customers are incentivized to come back to the restaurant. It will also increase their average spend as they gain more points the more they buy for. The redemption gifts are only offered through this VIP program so there’s no other way of getting them, providing further incentive.

redemption gifts

Few examples of redemption gifts used by Sushi Train

The redemption gifts themselves also work as marketing tools. Since the logo of the company is printed on them they will help increase brand awareness. Not only to the customers who will constantly be reminded of the brand, but also for people in their surrounding. The fact that these products are likely to be used in the every day life of the customer makes them very suitable for this type of advertisement.

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