Offering branded redemption rewards is a simple way to increase your sales and express your appreciation towards your customers. This can be done by offering limited edition merchandise with unique designs that they will not find from another brand. And that is what LINE did in their recent promotional campaign in Hong Kong.

Branded Redemption Gits

Branded Redemption Gits

The redemption gifts include eco-friendly tableware, custom reusable tumblers, plates, branded mugs, plates, food containers, luggage, and plushies. What we really liked about their branded merchandise is the unique and vibrant designs. One can see that the items are customized to showcase their LINE friends mascots: Sally, Brown, Cony, and Choco. But how did this marketing strategy helped LINE maximize their sales?

How LINE’s Branded Redemption Gifts Can Stimulate Sales:

Cool Branded Redemption Gifts Drive Customers to Buy More

  • The prospect of redeeming branded items when they purchase a certain amount of products is very much appealing to customers. The redemption reward gives shoppers more reason to buy more to gain massive points that will allow them to redeem limited edition rewards.

“Limited Edition” Increases Perceived Value

  • Every item on offer is limited edition. Meaning,customers won’t find these branded items elsewhere and for them to get these products, they either need to purchase a featured product or earn points. The reward system appeals to people’s competitive nature, making the promotion more exciting and interesting.

Unique Product Designs Attract People

  • The more novel the product is,  the more appealing it is to customers. Fans of LINE will be happy to see this collection of colorful kitchen items. Moreover, not only are these products useful, but they also make great home decor. And when displayed at home, more people will see them, thus stimulating brand visibility and engagement.

Effective Use of Mascots

  • LINE friends are based on the messaging app stickers, and they serve as the face of the company. Using mascots as their primary design brings the brand closer to its target market. Moreover, it solidifies their brand identity and keep them on top of customers’ mind. As such, every time people see any of their mascots, they’ll remember the brand and the great experience that comes with using their messaging app.

This previous redemption rewards program by LINE is a great example of incentivizing customers through rewards point system. Customers will get cute branded cutlery sets for every 5 stamps they get and an additional $35. It’s effective in that customers are encouraged to collect the stamps. Hence, pushing them to buy more!

Key Takeaways

Aside from the products, we also loved the custom POS display they used for this promotion. It resembles a kitchen countertop which fits the theme of LINE’s custom branded merchandise.

Branded Redemption Gifts

Branded Redemption Gifts

The full-color print advert that serves as the backdrop is also hard to miss because it is large and eye-catching. Oncoming shoppers are greeted with this large advertisement, directing their attention towards LINE friends’ display.

The use of unique branded redemption gifts not only helped LINE broaden their market reach online, they also increased top-of-mind awareness in the real world. Their exciting promotions and cool merchandise could prompt smartphone users to download this app so that they could get the latest promotional giveaway products and customer rewards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are redemption gifts?

Redemption gifts are a great tool for driving customers back into your store, engaging those customers, and creating higher and more sales. They’re also great for your customer, because they gets more wonderful products for their money.

What are the perfect redemption gifts for your brand?

It depends on your industry but always keep in mind to offer something useful for your consumers that also keeps on the theme of your marketing campaign. A gift that will make your consumers happy and allows you to create with them a deep relationship.

Where will the promotional gifts be manufactured?

ODM has managed to build a network of over 2,000+ factories – with a huge variety of production capabilities in China, Vietnam and India, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.