Looking for the best incentive gift ideas for your customers? LINE, in collaboration with Le Creuset and 7-11 in Hong Kong had set up an exciting gift redemption program just recently. Customers will get a chance to grab a promotional cutlery set. All they have to do is to present 5 stamps and add $35. And we are certain, this example will inspire you too!

Incentive Gift Ideas 3 Lessons to Learn from LINE's Gift Redemption Program

Incentive Gift Ideas 3 Lessons to Learn from LINE’s Gift Redemption Program

The forks and spoons are made from plastic and each has a customized topper of LINE friends characters. Shoppers can choose from any of three featured designs: Brown, Cony, and Choco holding a cooking pot. We certainly find these products appealing and very effective in spreading the word about their products.

Customer incentives are a great way to persuade customers to make a purchase and stay loyal to your brand. And we believe that these promotional cutlery set by LINE and Le Cresuet is one of the best incentive gift ideas there is today! Here’s why:


Why LINE’s Promotional Cutlery Set is One of the Best Incentive Gift Ideas:

  • Design Appeal: The cutlery set features some of LINE’s popular sticker characters and they attract a lot of LINE users and 7-11 shopper. Line’s unique Promotional Merchandise Ideas are always out of the box. They previously released a colorful line of cookware and kitchenware at HK 7-11 stores. They wowed their market with remarkable merchandise design which really reflect their brand image.
  • Driving Impulse Purchase: The cutlery sets come in different designs. Shoppers can get one set for every 5 stamps and an additional of $35. Hence, the higher the points, the more redemption gift they get.
  • Limited Ti: Different fun designs make them a wonderful collectible product. These not only target LINE users but kids as well. Moreover, the promo runs for a limited time only, which added a sense of urgency. People would be more eager to gain points to be able to redeem the products and complete their collection.


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