Our team found this cool redemption rewards program by MasterChef at Wellcome in Hong Kong. The promotional stint is getting lots of attention because the brand is giving away high quality stainless and aluminum cookware.

Redemption Rewards Program by MasterChef Creates In-Store Buzz

Redemption Rewards Program by MasterChef Creates In-Store Buzz


This captured the Hong Kong market because some of the cookware on offer are steamers and hot pot set- a must-have in every Asian kitchen. Customers need to earn Happy stamps to redeem the products. They have to purchase a certain amount to be able to earn a “happy stamp.”

The redemption gift depends on the points they have accumulated. Using this point system gets more customers as the prospect of getting high quality kitchen items is very much appealing. Thus, it creates in-store buzz, and ultimately builds stronger brand loyalty.


How MasterChef’s Redemption Rewards Create In-Store Buzz?

  • Appeals to People’s Competitive Nature: People are competitive by nature. That is why, using the points system to get a free branded item gets people hyped about the promotion. It fuels people’s desire to earn more points and redeem the rewards. And this could eventually result in increase in sales.
  • Inspires Word-Of-Mouth Advertising: When people are satisfied with the rewards, they might recommend the product and the store to their friends and relatives. This is a win-win for both the establishment and the brand.
  • Limited-Time Offer Creates A Sense of Urgency: The customer giveaways are all branded and are offered in a limited time only. The cookware sets are all made from high quality stainless and aluminum. As such, the exclusivity of the offer and the quality of the products drive people to rush to the nearest outlet and make a purchase. Some might even consider adding more to get massive points in one transaction.


This is not the first time Wellcome has used redemption rewards to get more customers. Here are a few of their gift redemption programs done in the past:

HK Wellcome offered high-quality branded knife for every HK$60 worth of purchase. we like this promotion because it inspires repeat purchase.


For this one, customers will get to redeem Doraemon products once they earned a certain amount of points. A great way to drive impulse purchase!


Here, customers will have to get loyalty stamps to be able to get exciting kitchen products!


Why We Like This Campaign by Wellcome?

  • Good use of gondola end display. Utilising the end of Gondola to showcase the products is a clever way to maximise store space whilst creating visual impact on customers.
Redemption Rewards Program by MasterChef Creates In-Store Buzz

Redemption Rewards Program by MasterChef Creates In-Store Buzz

  • Effective Customer Loyalty Program.Promotional giveaway products make customers feel they are being rewarded for the purchases they make. They serve as positive reinforcement that will eventually keep shoppers loyal to the brand.
  • Practical Items. Given the fact that HK customers love steamed and stir-fried foods, their steamer pot and pans will definitely be used on a daily basis. As a result, this effectively differentiate their establishment from competitors.


How We Can Help

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