Nescafe Dolce Gusto US is driving sales of its products through its Rewards Program. Best way to do this? Through Promotional Products!

Just 3 simple steps to how this rewards program works…
1. Create a profile and sign in
2. Earn points through codes from Capsule Boxes
3. Redeem points

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Promotional Capsule Holder…

What we love about this promo?

  • Drive traffic to your website

By creating a profile and signing in, they would have to log in at your main website. Also, Nescafe is also forming a database through your particulars!

  • Drive Sales

Customers would have to purchase the capsules in order to earn points. Promotional products that are available in the redemption store would encourage them to purchase more!

One could basically come up with more promotional gifts that could be given away! Be it a small or big ones, and all this acts as a form of marketing and advertising! An example is the capsule holder that can be used to stack its capsules nicely, a conventional product that customers would like to have.

Doesn’t this Capsule Holder reminds you of our tea tool stand? Please do not hesitate to ODM for any further inquiries!

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