Mashimaro, otherwise known in Korea as the “bizarre rabbit”, has become quite a phenomenon in recent years in Asia. He began as the main character of a series of flash animations on the net and can now be found on just about any type of promotional merchandise. Mashimaro is no regular cute licensed character. Contrarily to Miffy or Booto, he is portrayed as a fat and obnoxious little rabbit and this despite his innocent look. All this is of done with a lot of humor though!

Mashimaro Licensed Character

Mashimaro is now licensed by the Total Character Business Company, that we met at the 2012 Licensing Show held in the HKCEC this week.  Partner companies of the licensed character can choose just about any promotional product they want to advertise their company. Mashimaro promotional products include : kitchen wear, popcorn makers, stationery, and bathroom goods to mention but a few.

Mashimaro Promotional Products

Mashimaro Promotional Products

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of licensed characters should I advertise with?

When choosing a licensed character, the brand must first understand their target consumers. Choose your licensing partners based on what will appeal most to your target consumers and a licensing character that can represent your brand. For example, a Korean Brand selling cosmetics can consider doing a Mashimaro Licensed Facial Wash, which might appeal to their younger Korean demographics. Do it for your target consumers.

Why do companies get into licensing agreements?

Usually when brands co-brand, a company pays a licensing fee to use the well-known brand. Companies tend to co-brand with a more established brand name in order to create a broader consumer appeal, increase brand awareness and to expand into a category which it may not be able to do alone

Why must my brand pay to license characters?

Licensed characters are categorized as an intellectual property (IP). Therefore, paying for the rights to use, distribute and profit from a licensed character is obligatory. In ODM, we can save you the trouble by connecting your brand with other brands.