Following our previous post on Capri Sonne On Pack Capri Copter, let’s take a further look into this promo! What we love about this promo is not just the promotional gift but the On Pack Packaging of it as well.

Capri Sonne Capri Copter: Promotional Gift...

Together with this promotional item are detailed instructions as of how this promotional product works! There are step by step images shown to teach children how to get this toy “flying”. You could also see the distinct visual marks of their logo on this Capri Copter, a very effective form of printing and branding for the business.

Capri Sonne "Flying Capri Copter"..

A simple tool where one takes the straw out of the product, insert into the Capri Copter, Twist it and let it fly in the air. This could also be a challenge among kids to see whose could fly higher!

For better marketing and advertising effect, you could also come up with a range of collectible series. Having various designs and colours, children will be excited to own the whole range and this could drive sales greatly. A cost effective promo item, why not include this idea on your summer promo list?

Please do not hesitate to contact ODM for more details!