Promotional Kites…

Spotted at the HK Toys and Games Fair, we saw this promotional kite that may look ordinary to everyone. However, we thought this might make a perfect promotional gift for you. There is so much room for branding and it can be customized in terms of shape, design and colour. One could even design it into 3D cartoons or characters!

A full colour logo printing on it would catch the attention of many when the kite is up in the sky, where you can market and advertise your business at the same time!

How does this fits as an On Pack Gift

On Pack Promotional Kites

This promotional product can be folded up into bags as seen above! One may customize it into different shapes such as vegetables and fruits, suitable if you are in the Food & Beverage industry! Running out of space to fit this promotional item? You could also make some changes to the On Pack Packaging by hanging it as a Bottle Necker!

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