We all recognize the yellow Smiley face character when we see it. Though this may surprise certain, the Smiley face is a licensed character.

Licensed Character : Smiley

This iconic logo was designed over 40 years ago by the American commercial artist Harvey Ball for an advertising company. The character got its name  “Smiley” later, in 1972, from a French newspaper “France Soir“. The Smiley logo was used by the newspaper to highlight good news to its readers in search of positive articles ! It was that year that  it was first registered as a trademark and that the “Smiley Face Licensing Corporation Ltd.”  was founded by Franklin Loufrani. Today all rights belong to the Smiley Company.

Smiley Promotional Products

Now, over 150 licensees are using the Smiley logo and there are more than 250 new Smiley products made each month! These products make great promotional items for brands. They can be anything :

Smiley Promotional Products

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