I hardly need to introduce Miffy, she is such a famous licensed character now. The little white bunny rabbit was born in 1955 and designed by the Dutchman Dick Bruna. Miffy made her first appearance in the bedtime stories Dick told his children. Now there are 123 children’s books about this cute character.

Licensed Products : Miffy

Miffy can be found all over the world now and has become highly popular in Asia. There are hundreds of different products designed in the Miffy theme. All these products would make great promotional gifts for a company whose target are small children or their parents. Not only is Miffy appealing as a character to small children she has also become the mascot of many charity associations : Children’s day in Poland or a charity helping the children from Fukishima after the nuclear disaster in Japan for example. So by choosing promotional gifts in relation with Miffy you are also indirectly linking your brand to good causes!

Miffy Promotional Products

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