Before doing anything else choose the right Promotional Product Options.  With so many delivery mechanics to improve your marketing Campaigns, it can be tough to decide. First off, think about who, what and where your target audience will be and the type of gifts they want from a company. Secondly, how to get the message across about your company such as, the reasoning and theme behind your campaign. Different delivery mechanisms can help to increase a company’s promotional products.

Promotional Product Options

Promotional Product Options

What is a Delivery mechanism? – key deciding factor on what products to give away as promotional gifts to clients. The product, budget and delivery mechanism all need to be in sync with each other to have a successful promotional campaign.

Here Are Some Popular Promotional Product Options for Marketing:

  • Giveaways in the street by people
  • Mascot giving freebies
  • Promotional products you can take away
  • Social Media
  • Promotional Mail / Direct Mail promos
  • Event goodie bags
  • Games to win promotional items
  • Event Giveaways

Giveaways in the streets Target people during the morning rush hour when people are scurrying to work. Even, in the midst of a hectic morning, the grab-and-go mindset still retains. A small gift and reading material can be quite good as people become captive audiences in mass transit.

Red Bull uses the street marketing tactic to entice people to try their product. This tactic is efficient because it is hard to avoid products that are in your face. Also, customers can feel a personal connection with the consumer on the street- both have to stop and talk to one another. Furthermore, Red Bull is a famous energy drink that most people drink, especially young adults.

Mascot –Mascots that is interactive is a plus. Most people like to meet mascots, get a picture with the mascot or give them high-fives. In addition, having a mascot at home retains brand recall or brand recognition because you got the mascot for free. For example, Geico. I associate Geico with their mascot. The famous lizard mascot helps brand their company. Also, a mascot handing out freebies at different events encourages instant purchase. Indeed, one of the most effective promotional product options today!

A world known company called UPS launched teddy bears as their promotional campaign tool. These teddy bears have the logo on the chest for everyone to see and taps into all age demographics. Children would want their parents to buy something just so they can have the teddy bear leading to a great marketing tool.

Promotional products you can take away Printed logo pens, notebooks with company name on the front, highlighters, etc. Promotional products that can be taken away leads to brand recall. For example, using a hotel pen leads to memories about your experience at that hotel.

A magazine company called, Match of the Day is giving out free pens with their magazine. This pen idea is one of the best promotional product options there is because they have a vast amount of room to customize. They offer a lot of space to put a logo on or anything related to your company. These pens have the magazine company.

Social Media  Social media can target a huge age demographic. More and more of the younger generation are mostly on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Most ads are sponsored by celebrities which gives the brand or company more recognition. Furthermore, one social media platform can link to another. ODM has a blog, Twitter, Facebook page and LinkedIn page that interacts with each other to promote ODM related promotions.

This company is using Facebook to gain customers retention. “Like or Follow” the page and receive a free power bank. Not only are they using social media to market, but also a promotional product to entice customers to engage with their brand.

Promotional Mail / Direct Mail promos If your target audience is too dispersed then mail them! Firstly, mailing is definitely an easy way to reach large segments of the population. In addition, size constraints and cost halts many companies- opting for a special Mail in Rebate system. Many magazines offer gifts with subscription promotions. It’s one of the most cost-effective and flexible promotional product options for small and medium companies.

Nirvana is using the mail in promotion to receive a hot-water bottle. However, not the best approach to use because most people does not want to take the time to mail in the promotion.

Event goodie bags These are great gifts for clients who visit a showroom, exhibit, conference or other events like trade shows.  The reason for these gifts is; show appreciation and to help clients differentiate your service from competitors.  These goodie bags usually include a few different promotional gifts and pamphlet. Moreover, when opting for multiple gifts, it is important that all the colors match with the branding of the company.

Danish Eco Label gave out a goodie bag that has the company name and logo clearly written on the front. A great marketing tool because everyone can see the company. Also, an ideal way to get the message across because the company can put little gifts and pamphlets inside the bag.

Games to win promotional products –There is various platforms and types of games; such as online games, event games, etc… Including prizes increases the popularity and appeal to a player. Some prizes could be coasters, pens, blankets, etc- allowing for more people to visit your booth.

Though this blog is not giving out free games, it highlights the idea that games are creative promotional products. Four games are mentioned; connect four, dominoes, “the catch-game” and darts game. These games are the most popular and can be easily customized with a company logo on the tokens, dominoes, dart board or the gloves for the “catch game.”

Events Giveaways –Free promotional products from sport events, concerts, fairs, etc.- a way to maintain customer loyalty. Celebrities augments a brand by autographing the giveaway. Furthermore, toss promotional giveaways can be given out by a catapult or someone throws these items into the crowd. Mostly seen at sport events and concerts.

Below we see that the San Francisco 49ers football team is giving out towels for a promotion. The towels are a great idea because it can be used versatility leading to brand image from a famous football team.

In conclusion, ODM works with clients to maximize their marketing budget combining the most appropriate mechanisms with the best products.