Nivea, a famous brand for skin care products, has recently started a promo campaign in Germany.  Just spend 8€ on Nivea products in most of the cosmetics stores of Germany to get a free hot-water bottle.

There is a catch however. Before you get it, you will have to send the receipt to the following Nivea address: Beiersdorf, Postfach 8331, 33307 Gütersloh. After a while, the hot-water bottle will be delivered straight to your door.

Hot-Water Bottle Promotion

In Store Promotions with instant gratification work so much better for customers.  Impulse purchases on a cold day are lost.  Will you go to the trouble of mailing coupons to their redemption service.

In Store Instant Redemption would mean that Nivea will have a much higher sales & redemption rate and would cost the company much more in promotional products.  With this mail in redemption method, there are additional costs to the customer and to the brand due to the complex redemption process.  Mail ins are not our usual recommendation, even though Nivea will have less of a marketing cost here.

All the same, it is a very attractive promotional gift because it is really useful so compared to other gifts we expect a relatively higher up-take.  A lot of households use hot-water bottles, so offering one as a free gift gives Nivea a competitive advantage.

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Mit dem schönen Design und der blauen Farbe ist die Wärmflasche sehr gelungen. Noch dazu die Aufschrift “Knuddel mich” in zwei verschiedenen Schriftarten macht es einzigartiger.