German Store Real started a new promotional marketing campaign. Just go to any Real store you like and if the payment is more than 15€ you get a Funky Bean for free. The promotion is not related to any specific Real product, so choose the products you like and you get your own Funky Bean. You can collect from 30 different designs and every single one looks really funny.

German Funky Beans Promo

Here are four unique designed Funky Beans:

Funky Beans – Unique Design

This promo campaign is very special because at the one hand the idea is very special and at the other hand the design is unique. The Funky Bean´s selection of mechanic for this marketing exercise is a excellent because it is a funny promotional item and the client gets to stretch their marketing budget further than with more basic but expensive items..

In addition to this gift with purchase they also raffled two carrying cases filled with the Funky Beans.   Check out some more related blogs here:

Just a few words for our German speakers:

Die Werbeaktion von Real ist sehr ausgefallen, denn wo bekommt man schon solche Funky Beans her. Sie eignen sich jedenfalls gut zum Sammeln, Tauschen und Spielen und je mehr man davon hat, desto mehr kann man mit ihnen machen. Dies und auch vor allem das ausgefallene Design machen diesen Werbeartikel so einzigartig.