Custom notebooks are perfect as a promotional gift idea as they can be used for a number occasions. These could be for use during promotional events, conferences, given to clients as gifts, or could even be used at education fairs and presentations. Regardless custom notebooks make great gift products and with a wide range of looks available, they can be personalised to professionally represent your design.

Promotional Gift Ideas: Custom Notebooks

Promotional Gift Ideas: Custom Notebooks

Custom Notebooks and why they are make good promotional gift ideas.

  • Design: Custom notebooks can be designed to vary in size, varying from desktop to pocket size. What’s more they are highly customizable with a wide range of materials and designs, which is a great idea if there are any budgets. This custom notebook also has a lock code similar to the ones used on brief and suitcases making your ideas and notes protected.
  • Brand Exposure: The inside of the notebook can be designed to show your logo and any written comments on the pages for maximum brand exposure. The notebook itself could also be given a professional look with the use of foil stamping of logo’s on the covers which also increases a brands perceived value.
  • Practicality: Custom notebooks are extremely useful, and will undoubtedly be used as they make great office equipment or notebooks for making notes.

Furthermore, when promoted as a gift with a promotional pen they make good incentives to increase sales and product portfolio for maximum effect.

Here at ODM, we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you utilise your 2016 marketing budget in an effective manner.

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