No matter where you are in the world, you undoubtedly have some sort of bed side or at least a floor in which your alarm clock sits on. With a bedside being a hot spot for peoples wallets, phones and other pocket fodder that needs to rest at the end of the day, this leaves room for a fantastic promotional idea – Bedside marketing.

Bedside Marketing Promotional Idea

Bedside Marketing Promotional Idea

Whether it’s an alarm clock, lamp, item storage, wooden charging station or a place to put your jewelry, there are many opportunities to market your brand to the right consumer.

As technology advances, more electronic accessories become a part of every day life. Phones, Mp3 players, tablets are just a few items that are being used on a daily basis. With the increase in items and the usage of these items, the demand for product storage, especially during the night is becoming more of a problem for the every day person.

Common practices of most people nowadays is the action of leaving these products on charge over night so that lack of battery and inability to use them does not become a problem during the day. With this in mind as well as the importance of receiving calls, particularly for those that work internationally in different time zones, a phone on Wooden Stand near their bed, were it easily accessible is very important.

Other non electronic items such as watches and wallets have been left by beds for years, due to the simple reason of protection and easy access if ever needed straight away.


Bedside Marketing Promotional Idea

Bedside Marketing Promotional Idea

If you’re a football fan Chelsea FC have a great selection of promotional products for the bedroom.

So Why Do Bedside Marketing and what are the advantages:

  • As mentioned a bedside is used regularly to store all different types of products from the most simple to the most technological. With a Branded bedside item, such as a storage space, it means that it creates mass brand exposure; being the first thing the customer sees in the morning and the last thing they see at night. This therefore creates regular interaction with the customer, imprinting the company and the logo into their every day life.
  • There is a wide range of promotional product options to choose from. As a bedside can not only be for storing items before bed, it gives businesses a great chance to develop a product that suits them and suites there customer. While a storage area, as shown, is a brilliant and innovative idea due to its simplicity and over all usefulness, there can be many more options for a company to choose. For example coasters and lamps are just as important to someones bedside as it allows them to read and drink without damaging their eyes and table itself. Both creating the perfect opportunity for the brand to interact with the client.
  • All these promotional ideas give companies the flexibility in colour, branding style and even design to achieve the perfect promo product that sells the company to all those waking up and going to sleep.
  • With younger people where their bedroom are the focal point of social activity, inviting friends round to play games and share gossip,  this creates the perfect opportunity for the brand to not only promote to them but to their friends also.

Here at ODM we love how effective bedside marketing can be and think it is a fantastic opportunity for companies to develop their brand exposure to a huge amount of customers. If you are interested in this Wooden Stand then get in touch today with the reference to the code below and we would be happy to help design begin creating your perfect promotional product.


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