unique marketing idea is important to get your product out there on the market and there are many ways to do this. Cereal brand Weet-Bix were having this QR code prize as a unique marketing idea and have roped in some top brands to offer prizes in partnership.  This cobranding and promotion of Arena, Asics, Trek, springfree & smooze ropes in all those brand fans to connect with Weet-Bix also.  It’s a Win-Win Promotion.

Unique marketing idea: Prize with QR code

Unique marketing idea by Weet-Bix

Unique marketing idea by Weet-Bix

After scanning the QR code on the Weet-Bix package on your phone you can check online for a chance of winning a unique prize. The prizes that Weet-Bix were giving away were not simple products but were products from high quality sport brands. The promotional products were mainly sports product. Weet-Bix wants to be the healthier choice of cereal and by giving away promotional products related to sports is a great technique to achieve this. Furthermore  It is a great unique marketing idea to make their cereal stand out from the rest of the cereal brand competition.

Increase the brand awareness of your product.

For companies that want to have a different type of promotion for their product. Consider having a look at the unique marketing idea by Weet-Bix. It is simple and cost efficient. Also, nowadays technology is a great sales technique for example using the QR code scanning. Furthermore you will have the option of what kind of promotional products you want to give away depending on the promotional goal you want to achieve for your brand. For example Weet-Bix wanted to be the healthier choice of cereal by giving sport related promotional products. Examples of sport promotional products would be drink bottles, sport caps and footballs.

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