Wake up to an amazingly stylish bedroom promo this summer with a branded alarm clock. These promotional products don’t just look great but have a wide variety of potential in attracting customers and moving them away from the boring phone alarm clocks.

These marketing items would be perfect for any company, be it electrical like Philips or even fashion based like Asos or Topshop to improve their brand awareness.

Wake Up to a Bedroom Promo - Branded Alarm Clocks

Wake Up to a Bedroom Promo – Branded Alarm Clocks

How these Bedroom Promo Alarm Clocks Can Help Your Brand:

  • With them being alarm clocks it means that your targeted customer will be waking up to not only the sound of the alarm clock but your brand also. This makes it become one of the very first things they interact with when they wake up and when they set it up as they go to bed implanting a strong brand impression.
  • Their great look and stylish appearance means that they are more memorable and attractive to customers. With your logo and brand association with these alarm clocks your company will immediately be recognised with this great minimal look.
  • The simplicity of these bedroom promo alarm clocks means that a variety of materials, colours and styles can be applied to suit your brands appearance, increasing the products association with your company.
Wake Up to a Bedroom Promo - Branded Alarm Clocks

Wake Up to a Bedroom Promo – Branded Alarm Clocks

ODM think this is a cool looking product that can be perfect for getting your brand remembered by customers due to it’s constant use and great appearance. If you would like to manufacture your next promotional product in china contact us today for a quote.

If you are interested in these products please quote ODM – 1198 when speaking to our sales team.

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