Unlike most of its predecessors, this alarm clock does not gently raise you out of your dreams with a soft melody, a melody that you delay once more each time by pressing the snooze button, but only once with the roaring sound of blender.

You can be sure to surprise your customers with such a product!

Not only is it a fun, original and useful gift, your clients will think of offering to their stubborn teenaged boy or girl having a hard time waking up in the morning.  Its retro design also makes it a decorative item that fits perfectly in a trendy teenager or young adult’s bedroom.   This blender would be equally at home as a desktop promotion, programmed to remind employees to complete scheduled tasks, to encourage creativity and just to “mix it up”.

The blender alarm clock can be customized with your logo, your colors and designs. The styrofoam beads inside the blender can be replaced according to your likes with other small items.   The alarm clock is powered by common AAA batteries, and 4 types of tunes accompany the blending sound when it sets off.

Add some fun and surprise to your range of alarm clocks, toys, electronic devices or even houseware products by adopting the new, funky blender alarm clock from our buying office!   See more items from the Summer Sourcing Show.

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