Kitchen Aid is running a promotional campaign in light of Mother’s Day. The  promotion is offering customers a free branded hand blender with purchase of the advertised mixer. This promotional gift is limited to 50 customers, while stock last. The company is giving this gift with purchase (GWP) with a tagline “pay less for more!“. Shoppers will perceive it as a fantastic deal, which will make them more likely to purchase! Kitchen Aid is a well known home appliance brand who provides premium quality household goods.

Immersion: Branded Hand Blender as GWP

Immersion: Branded Hand Blender as GWP

Why would a branded hand blender be beneficial for your promotional campaign?

The branded hand blender is perceived as a valuable gift, as it looks high end and is very functional. Your existing customers will be happy to receive such high-end gifts, which will strengthen their brand loyalty, while potential customers will find the value embedded in promotion immensely attractive. The branded hand blender will act as a huge incentive for your customers to purchase. There are numerous options when it comes to customizations, such as the branding on the product, the materials used and the color.

Kitchen Aid customized the promotional gift by matching the branded hand blender with their corporate color, so why not the same for your company? Customers will identify your brand easily when you match the color and design to your companies theme. In addition, visibility of brand name on the handle will increase brand awareness and exposure.

Other household appliances can be used in your campaign, so why not check out our other blog posts on various appliances. Do not hesitate to contact us here to find out more about branding premium gifts. Our design team, Mindsparkz, will be happy to assist you in developing unique concepts as well!

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