Magnum Ice Cream Freezer

Summer is coming. The sun is out and weather is getting warmer… That’s why a lot of ice-cream and drinks companies are currently running huge promotional campaigns.

Magnum, one the most famous ice-cream company in the French market has decided to offer a Mini Cabriolet One 98ch (valued at €20,790!) and 10 freezers filled with Magnum ice-creams.

Tempted to win these promotional items? Simply purchase a Magnum Infinity ice-cream and register the code written on the ice-cream stick together with the magic word “INFINITY” to the 63015 by SMS. Easy as pie, isn’t it? Purchase and register mode codes to increase your chance by winning now!

Promotional Gift France - Magnum Infinity Promotion

No doubt, the car is obviously the most fabulous prize in this lottery but as a promotional merchandise specialist, ODM is more focused on the branded freezer. And this branded freezer is a an excellent promotional gift for two main reasons:

  • VISIBILITY – A conventional item that would be used in the household, the colours and branding would ensure high brand recall each time when one opens the freezer!

We already saw with Carte Noire Cotton Candy Machine and Sidchrome Retro Fridge that home appliances as promotional products are efficient way to promote your brand.

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