Basically, these are silicon ice-cube trays which are branded by company logos carved on it. This is such that when water is poured into the tray and brought to freeze, ice cubes produced would have the company logo carved on it. This promo gift is realistic and essential. It is a must have in every kitchen. It will definitely attract a lot of attention as this ice-cube tray is so unique and practical. Moreover, these ice-cube trays can be customized according to your request, be it the color, size or shape. This promo gift is ideal for household appliances companies such as Courts and Bosch. It can be given out as a free gift with a certain purchase amount in store.

Promo Gift - Branded Ice Cube Tray

Promo Gift – Branded Ice Cube Tray

Branding your ice-cube tray

It is important to brand your promo gifts with your company logo and related information to increase brand awareness. By branding the ice-cube trays, it not only enhances brand awareness as mentioned, but also increases brand recall and therefore encourages customers to patronize the kitchen ware store. Most importantly, a well marketed promo gift will increase brand value to existing customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases. This indicates brand loyalty.

When is a good time to introduce this promo gift?

A promo gift is important as it is used to boost sales and improve brand value. However, more importantly, it is to introduce promotional gifts at the right timing. So, when is the right timing?

We have a few suggestions –

  • When sales are low
  • When sales are high
  • During festive seasons
  • When company is undergoing certain changes
  • During a periodic promotional period

Notice there is no ‘Perfect Timing’, as long as the promotion will be able to bring benefits to your firm under the various circumstances, it is a good time to use promotional products.