Have you seen our video cards idea for promo gift? It is a very good way of presenting your company values or product specifications to your customers. This promotional folding cube serves the same purpose but has much lower production cost. For a giveaway on trade shows or promotional events, this cube is the perfect messenger for your company.

Promo Gift - Folding Magic Cube

Promo Gift – Folding Magic Cube

This folding cube consists of eight blocks connected by the artwork in a very special way. You can keep unfolding this cube until you are back on the first face. This works better than catalogue or flyers as it builds up the interest of your customers. You can also bring your points in sequence to arouse curiosity from your customers.

The most important thing when designing this folding cube is the artwork and the sequence. Nice artwork will encourage customers to keep it. Playing around with this cube helps to relieve stress. It is important to keep a logical sequence. The main purpose of this folding cube is to communicate your products or company values.

Can it work as an on-pack promo gift?

The answer is, why not? You can customize the size of the cube if you wish to, however make sure that it is user friendly and easy to unfold. As for the artwork, you can even use licensed character or pictures of famous person. Reserve one face of the cube for your logo, or you may opt to put your logo on every artwork.

Consider also leaving one or more faces blank. Let your customers express their creativity on the folding cube. It may be a good idea for Valentine’s Day. Simply create some spaces in your artwork where customers can write different messages for their loved ones, or even paste their pictures in. This cube definitely has higher perceived value than those usual cards. It will drive sales for your product!