Lianca Central is giving away a promotional bag if you spend more than HKD $2,500 from now until Christmas. This promotional bag is spacious and can be used to store and carry many items. It is big enough to carry bulky items as well, such as files and A4 sized paper. Read more to find out how this promotional bag can be used effectively as a promotional gift…

Lianca Central is a  retail shop selling bags, shoes, wallets and leather accessories in Hong Kong. It is located in Central District.

Why did they use the promotional bag as a free gift?

This promotional bag has a functional use for its customers. It can be used to place bulky items as well as many small items for carrying around. This gives convenience to users. The bag has a single leather handle which is strong enough the withstand the weight. It also provides comfort to the shoulders of users. The bag is made of a water resistant material so that the contents do not get wet during wet weather conditions. Thus, this promotional bag has a high perceived value for users.

Promotional Bag by Lianca Central

Promotional Bag by Lianca Central

How can a promotional bag affect sales?

The free promotional bag can be branded with Lianca Central’s logo to increase brand awareness. It will attract new customers to patronise Lianca Central. With the logo branded on the bag, Lianca Central may also boost brand recall. This will increase reminder advertising for the existing customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases as the reminder advertising enforces brand loyalty. This will increase the sales for Lianca Central. Customers may also spend more than what they spend usually in order to exceed HKD $2,500 to redeem the bag. What do you think of this promotional bag?