Carriage Crossing is offering a free promotional wine tote on the 23 November. Simply spend at least $100 and the wine tote is yours! This wine tote is able to carry two bottles of wine and is built for the frequent traveller in mind. It protects and safeguards your bottles from bumps on the road. Read on the find out more on how this wine tote can be used effectively as a promotional product.

First of all, who is Carriage Crossing?

Carriage Crossing is a pedestrian friendly shopping destination located in Tennessee, USA, featuring premier national retailers, select local merchants and specialty restaurants. There are over 70 mid to high-range retailers. Carriage Crossing is set in a spacious, open-air setting with tree-lined walkways, lush landscaping and fountains.

Promotional Wine Tote by Carriage Crossing

Promotional Wine Tote by Carriage Crossing

Why did they use the promotional wine tote as a free gift?

The wine tote is convenient as it can carry up to 2 bottles of wine. It is highly portable as it can be compressed and stored flat. The wine tote protects the wine bottles from bumps and scratches. This will keep your wine bottles intact when travelling from one place to another.

How can a promotional wine tote affect sales?

Carriage Crossing has branded its logo on the tote bag to increase brand awareness. This will entice customers to visit the shopping mall. The logo will also enforce brand recall and facilitate reminder advertising. This will remind users to visit the shopping mall and purchase new items. Thus, this will drive sales for Carriage Crossing.

The promotional wine tote also has a high perceived value. This will attract customers to spend more in order to be able to get the wine tote for free. It will spur impulse purchases from customers. This also increases sales for Carriage Crossing. What do you think of this wine tote?