Vinvautzs Wine Tote for every Wine Cellar

Vinvautz Hong Kong lives up to its reputation for quality wine storage with the introduction of a portable wine bottle tote for every purchase of any of its wine cellars – customers can now keep their bottles at regulated temperature on way to restaurant or friends houses.

The wine bottle tote makes a very nice gift with purchase; it embodies the brand’s signature colours, with the design making it aesthetically appealing. The wine tote also feature a convenient handle where consumers could easily carry their wine bottle around without any hindrance. The handle works hand in hand with its prominently placed logo, ensuring enhanced exposure whenever the recipients carry it around.

The wine bottle tote also works true to its purpose, as it is made of Neoprene, for its insulating properties. This allows the wine to keep its cool temperature while they are brought out for a perfect enjoyment.With this GWP, Vinvautz is portraying itself to be passionate about its commitment to strive for perfect wine storage for a true celebration at any place, at any time.   (This promo spotted at Fortress)

GWPs like this could really help differentiate your brand among all the other competing brands. Providing a promotional product which transcends true value to your customers allow them to further trust your brand and your products.

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