Chinese Wine brand Daohuaxiang is tailoring its promotional offer to local customers. In Shanghai stores Daohuaxiang offers a high quality red porcelain cup as gift with purchase for the purchase of 2 bottles of wine

Associating quality porcelain and wine as part of a gift with purchase offer allows Daohuaxiang to connect with their market and this gift will possibly be repeated yearly as a collectible.

By associating a prestigious product of high status with a gift recognized for its superior quality, the company elevates its brand image and reinforces the quality perception of consumers.

Red porcelain is a specialty from Yixing, China and remains to date one of the most complicated and costly porcelains to produce. Similar to wine, temperature, timing and the quality of the primary materials are keys in order to create the best red porcelain product. The parallel between the two items exacerbates their respective qualities and insures superior recognition from consumers.

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