Quality control is of utmost importance in ensuring the consistent quality of promotional products offered by ODM. On a recent visit to our porcelain factory, our staff supervised a thorough quality control check on our porcelain products that are currently in production.

Here you can see the factory staff checking through all the completed porcelain items for pinholes and bumps.

Factory Staff Checking for Defects

Smaller porcelain items with pinholes are also sieved out

Products with multiple major pinholes will have to be glazed and fired again to cover up the  marks. If the pinholes are still visible after that, the product will have to be disposed off. Super white porcelain are more prone to pinholes while those with coloured glaze have less.

Bump on Super White Porcelain

These quality control checks are performed by both the factory staff and also ODM quality control staff to maintain the high standards set for the quality of each item. If you are interested in personalising your own promotional porcelain products, feel free to approach our porcelain specialists and we will assist you in your enquiries.

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