ODM sent 2 merchandising staff into China yesterday to visit a forwarding company located in Shenzhen, China.  The main purpose of the visit was to inspect 8 different promotional products for a client of ours.

To ensure the quality of products that our clients ordered, a Quality Control Inspection is conducted before any goods are sent out from China (Incoterm FOB China).   In general we send our QC staff to the factories based around China before shipment – however for small orders sometimes we will group the products in a central platform and perform QC on all the items at the same time. Inspection was conducted at forwarder’s warehouse as the products were of small quantity & size – it saved us a lot of time & money.

Consolidating the shipment with one forwarder also helps to save on the shipping costs and can work well for receiving goods from multiple factories, repacking and sending mixed orders to a few different markets.  This kind of service works well for corporate merchandise for multinationals.