Recently one of our clients asked ODM to conduct Quality Control overnight in a factory in China.   Usually FRI Quality Control Inspections are performed by our buying office during the day making it easier to examine a product under natural light.  A combination of delayed production and electrical outages during the days meant we needed to work at night.*

Conducting inspections under natural lighting makes it easier to spot the difference in color of an approved sample and to check for small or minor defects in mass production of products.   Some key reasons why QC should not be conducted at night:

  • Cost of QC will be more expensive as overtime charges have to be paid
  • Lack of natural light hinders accuracy of inspection
  • Poor lighting may cause some details to be missed out during the inspection.
  • Different shades of color may not be spotted during inspection due to the poor lighting.

To ensure that all goods leaving China are of good quality, an inspection should always be performed before shipping out the goods.   The ODM Group offers QC as a standalone service to new clients.

* Electrical outages during the peak daylight hours due to factory production and air conditioning forces authorities to ration power and makes some factories operate only at night.