Looking for gifts for the executives? You may want to consider porcelain pens! Porcelain are commonly used in pottery and often give out a classy feeling. We saw this interesting item in the recent HK Stationery Fair. Have a look at them below!

Porcelain Pen Supplier

Since porcelain is originated from China, it will mean a lot when the Chinese present porcelain-related gifts to the Westerners. This is equivalent to giving the receiver utmost respect. ODM foresees that porcelain ware will be getting popular in the promotional products industry.

Porcelain pens can have very interesting designs related to Chinese history. In view of the upcoming Chinese New Year, these promotional pens seems like the highlight for corporate gifts, especially for the executives!

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What other promotional products do you think will be the highlight of Chinese New Year? Share with us and we can develop it with you!