Kellogg’s is having this on-going giveaway promotion, customers stand a chance to win MaxFactor lipsticks with every pack of Special K cereal purchased.

Kellogg's Lipstick Promo

It is rather rare to see a promo collaboration between the food product and cosmetics brands. Therefore, this promotion is definitely very creative and attractiveKellogg’s Special K line caters mainly to women who are looking for healthy diet and weight loss options. This closely matches with the objective of this promo, as both brands are encouraging customers to ‘ Show off your inner confidence’ with classic red lip color. 

How to enter the Promotion?

Simply sign up or log in on the official promo page and enter the 10-digits code. Customers will receive an instant notification if they have won the lipstick.

Why not consider having a similar promo like this? Surprise your customers with an unexpected promo gift that is related to the product in a certain way.

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