Hong Kong is known for its numerous electronic stores, very often gathered in clusters right next to each other. In that case, how do you think they differentiate themselves from each other? Gift with purchase promotions are a key part of their marketing mix.

In this Fortress outlet, pictured below, the store partnered with brand “the Dog” to provide free mugs, zipper cases and ustensils as gift for the purchase of some of the items showcased on the wall.  ODM offer a whole range of similar promos from the Hana Deka License from brand licensing partner.  This takes characters from the same photographer as the dog brand and also uses Fisheye photography.   Hana Deka means big nose in Japanese by the way…

The value of the item offered varies with the price of the products purchased in the first place. The more you buy, the more gifts you receive!  Simple yet efficient, those promotional campaigns will insure you get the edge when competing face to face with electronic outlets offering the same items at a similar price.

This can also be a differentiating factor when shopping with the whole family: everybody will walk out from the store with something different! A great way to get customers interested and upsell higher end cameras.

GWP for Cameras