In Hong Kong property is King so companies worldwide should pay heed to trends here. Over the weekend Hong Kong property agency Centaline arranged a promotional event in Causeway Bay.

For every person who signs up to use Centaline’s wide range of agents, they are given a Centaline mascot wooden doll of the Centaline mascot & a free notebook.

In the property industry consumers are often seen as more reactive than proactive and this requires much encouragement to capture sales. This usually comes in the form of strong advertisement and can also encompass incentive products. Therefore giving out promotional products may be a great way to “break the ice” and encourage consumers to consider doing business with the company.

The promotional items themselves serve to entice consumers to check out Centalines range of services. Brand image wise, these gifts help promote Centaline as a friendly agency that is trustworthy as seen by the friendly and inviting nature of their mascot .  In additional, the notebook provides advertising and marketing value as the Centaline mascot and company logo is displayed, encouraging consumers to engage with Centaline again in the future.

Promotional products can be used effectively by almost any industry.   Centaline dolls may also want to consider the range of licensed Hana Deka plushes.