Looking for promotional ideas? How about promotional knit gloves, a promo which will get your brand onto people’s hands, literally. Utilizing apparel as your advertising medium means people can use your product frequently, thus achieving the main purpose of a promotional product. By adopting vibrant colours for your custom knit gloves, you can easily attract people to want to wear them. Or you could adorn your brand’s signature colours to allow your gloves to have a brand-exclusive outlook.

Various Designs and Colours

Brand Embroidery could be done on the wrists, along the fingers, palms etc. Embroidering your logo on these gloves places much emphasis on your brand:

  • Heightened Visibility due to two logo imprints on two gloves
  • Prolonged Brand Recognition as functional promotional products always guarantee repeat usage
  • Increased Perceived Value with these knit gloves serving as a GWP

Fingerless Knit Gloves

These knit gloves work especially well if you time your marketing campaign carefully, giving them out during cold seasons to keep your customers warm. Customers will love your brand for it and your brand could anchor a very special place in their hearts. 

Materials Available: 
  • Acrylic Knit (the most popular and common one)
  • Rag Wool Knit
  • Fleece
  • Polyester/Lycra Knit
  • Cotton Knit
  • String Knit

These knit gloves are also a perfect choice for participating in or promoting an active lifestyle – marathons, walkathons, wellness programs, tailgate parties, booster clubs and rodeos.    Check out Embroidery for logo customization  for in-depth information on Embroidery.

Other technical gloves for cycling, gardening and other activities also available.